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How to Order Off-the-Menu

7 Oct

Image Courtesy of #HacktheMenu

While it’s not officially on the menu, everybody knows about In-N-Out Burger’s Animal-Style burger. The secret’s out on that, to the point that the California burger chain is using the menu as a marketing tool to responsive service. But what about Liquid Cocaine at Starbucks? Or the Burritodilla at Chipotle, the turducken of the taco world? The amazing people at #HacktheMenu have created a resource for every major fast food chain’s closely guarded menu secrets, with recipes included for decoding the nicknames. Here’s their comprehensive guide to fast food secret menus.


Where Are You, Ronald McDonald?

4 Jan

Courtesy of Karl Johaentges

When was the last time you saw Ronald McDonald lurking on a bench? When was the last time you saw the borderline creepy clown on T.V.?

2011’s news discussed a mid-life crisis for the clown, a reality check for the over-the-hill mascot, whose looks aren’t clicking with kids. Born in 1963, “Ron the Don” seems a little dated. I’m not sure if the Pee-Wee Herman antics of The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald can help sell hamburgers to people who know they’re not healthy.

“We see this as a great opportunity to create a more meaningful relationship between Ronald and kids,” the corporation said of the mid-90s mini-series (Schlosser).

Ads from the 2000s takes the Don out of psychedelia and into sports & games.

The ubiquitous Playplace is absent from almost every new McDonald’s I’ve seen constructed in the last few years. The fast food empire that grew from self-service counters to an international franchise overnight seems to be secretly snubbing its target audience: kids.

With an average T.V. time of over 20 hours a week, children are a significant consumer of televised media (American Academy of Pediatrics). A shift away from reaching kids through familiar television characters marks a bold new direction for the company.

A visit to the website reveals hand-drawn graphics (with some parallels to Arcade Fire) and a strong focus on wholesome eating, proper sourcing, and starting off with breakfast.

Is the twilight of Ronald McDonald also marking a shift towards different eating? What kind of impact can this new direction have for other fast food media?

Fast food isn’t fast enough?

25 May

This is brilliant. My friend Maddie and I were talking about how fun ads can be when they’re not too vomitific (local commercials, you know who you are)

I also have a list of ads that I really liked-especially Levi’s jeans and Haggen Daas. I could eat advertisement in a bowl for breakfast.

It is the fuel of my work on the school newspaper-The New York Times has all of the news that fits, but that’s after the ads are placed. It’s not being a cynical student or a label snob that has produced my obsession with advertising. It’s more like being a scientist, curious to pick apart the good ones and skeptical of how advanced evolution really makes us with a few of the others. Continue reading