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Reblog: How “Reality” Cooking Gets It Wrong

17 Jul

Jacques Pépin once again raises the threshold of humans. In this article for the Daily Meal, the respected chef and member of the Daily Meal Council voices his opinion (but doesn’t mouth off) about televised chefs.




TBT: The Galloping Gourmet

8 May

With this past weekend’s James Beard awards honoring some spectacular chefs and food journalists, I’ve built up quite the appetite for media as well as a stellar list of places I have got to try.

I’ve been watching a lot of the programming that won in the JBF broadcasting category, including Mind of a Chef and Thirsty For…, an internationally bent drinks video series. Thirsty For…also comes from the producers of Perennial Plate, this year’s winner for Video Webcast On Location and one of my favorite web series.

With these highly produced and slick videos, food broadcasting seems like a world of difference from the way it used to look. I can’t imagine what growing up in a world without Food Network would be like, where Julia Child and Jacques Pépin were broadcast media’s only big culinary faces. Can you imagine them on TV now? Julia Child (6′ 2″) would tower over Alton Brown!

Take this video from Graham Kerr, “The Galloping Gourmet.”

I love it. He’s so unhinged, flustered, and absolutely hilarious. But with this recklessness, he’d flop on Chopped. I love the cutthroat pacing and experimental approach on Chopped. I get hungry for ideas with that program; Kerr makes my belly shake with laughter. It’d be great to see a guy like him on Food Network in something wild and absurd (imagine: Monty Python at Kitchen Stadium).

Here’s another old-school Graham Kerr video, where he makes jambalaya, a New Orleans dish he claims means “a lying elephant.” Things really have changed.

Jacques Pépin and Me

29 Nov

I think Jacques Pépin is a pretty amazing chef. I watched his PBS videos (and Julia Child’s) a lot in Argentina. He makes me think of the French grandfather I never had (and never could have). If Hogwarts had a cooking teacher, it’d probably be Jacques Pépin.

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