TBT: The Baconator

10 Jul

Seeing this upcoming holiday reminded me of the first house I lived in during college.

National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day (7/29) is a food-themed holiday, but instead of indulging in ice cream or hot dogs (both celebrated on 7/23, both giving a boost to Pepto sales on 7/24), the idea with Cheese Sacrifice is to purchase a morsel of cheese to put into mousetraps.

The circa-1840s house I lived in as a sophomore had a large rat we called the Baconator. Like the monstrous Wendy’s burger, it too struck fear in our hearts and gave us quivers.

The Baconator would not be the last mouse I’d meet in a kitchen, but he was the first


Recipe: “The Fitz”

27 Jun

thefitzHappy Friday, all! Here’s my weekly installment at Put A Egg On It‘s blog. This week, I made a lavender and citrus cocktail, perfect for sipping on the pool side or the fire escape.



TBT: Cooking @ the Pads

26 Jun

Here’s a photo circa-2011, taken in a student apartment on George Street. Ben and I were making stuffed mushrooms and pasta carbonara very late. Waist apron. Diet Coke.

The Smoking Section

20 Jun

“Smoking Section,” charcoal pencil

Here’s my weekly installment for Put A Egg On It. This week, we’re smoking vegetables like barbecued meat!



And Now A Message from Julia Child

19 Jun

Via Picturesquotes

Also, if you haven’t watched this yet, stop doing whatever it is you’re doing:

The Culinarian’s Code

15 Jun

“I shall be too big for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the pressure of business to hurt anyone, within or without the profession.”

-The American Culinary Federation, 1957

This is something to keep in mind on those days where you just want to crawl into a hole and eat yogurt-covered pretzels, or worse, those days where you might lose your temper.

What are your inspirational words?

Setting the Record Straight on American Barbecue

13 Jun

This is a pretty fantastic summary of regional differences in Southeastern American barbecue. Even if it’s dramatically tipped in the favor of Texas. The Carolinas still have the best sauce.

BBQ Regional Map

Via Vox, where there are 40 other fantastic infographics and maps about American food.

Like this one about the density of Waffle House restaurants:

Waffle House Density Index