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Repost: Put A Egg On It’s Cake Project

27 Jan

Photo by Sarah Frances Keough

In the middle of this nasty New York winter storm, I’m reading like Hermione Granger and missing the warmth of the South more than ever. I’m particularly pining for my trip to New Orleans with Put a Egg On It, which taught me more about cocktail making and my own passion for food than any old stack of books. Read up on how people party in the Crescent City.


Reblog: How “Reality” Cooking Gets It Wrong

17 Jul

Jacques Pépin once again raises the threshold of humans. In this article for the Daily Meal, the respected chef and member of the Daily Meal Council voices his opinion (but doesn’t mouth off) about televised chefs.



And Now A Message from Julia Child

19 Jun

Via Picturesquotes

Also, if you haven’t watched this yet, stop doing whatever it is you’re doing:

TBT: Weekend in Carolina

12 Jun

So this isn’t much of a throwback, but here’s a photo recap of my weekend in South Carolina. I headed down south for a very full family itinerary (brother’s high school graduation, Dad’s birthday). It was an awesome weekend of smoking foods, grilling foods, eating foods, Led Zeppelin, long drives, and even a visit to the Thirsty Beaver, Charlotte’s version of a Nashville honky-tonk. These are a few photos taken on iPhone from the 4-day trip.

photo 1

Saw this almost immediately out of the gate at Charlotte Douglas Airport

photo 2

Grilled cantaloupe with fresh mozzarella and parsley

photo 4

Reid’s Fresh Farm Stand, Highway 521

photo 3

Shrimp & grits, cooked with my brother and sister on their last day of school

photo 4

This is Smoke, an outdoor cat my family has unofficially taken in (or out)

photo 2

Rolfe Neigenfind @ The Common Market, Plaza-Midwood

photo 1

Assorted jukebox selections at the Thirsty Beaver, Charlotte’s honky-tonk dive

photo 3

Me and my brother’s tangible excitement before Phillip’s high school graduation

TBT: The Worst Waiter Ever

29 May

In light of training to be a server this weekend, this was a fun read about Edsel Ford Fong, the worst waiter in San Francisco. The amount of abuse the man slung about at Sam Wo’s Chinese restaurant could make a guest’s skin crawl. He seems of a mythical status, a 6′, 200 lbs tower of staunch rules, without a single regard for “rules of table service.” He’d spill half of your soup while handing it to you. Your chopsticks were tossed as an after thought. And don’t even think about ordering fried shrimp.

This also makes me wonder about the more masochistic side of service. I know I’ve sung my fair share of praise for the irascible Kenny Shopsin. I loved being accosted and derided at Chicago’s Weiner Circle. I’m fond of everything about French diner Gaulart et Maliclet, but what I really miss is the anxious and snippy owner, Jean-Marie. The Soup Nazi? He’s one of Seinfeld’s most endearing characters. Why do we romanticize an abrasive front-of-the-house?

Going through food memories for TBT, I thought a little bit about dining as an experience. There’s a strong desire to preserve the eating experience, mostly through photos but also through stories. It’s why I write everything down about a memorable meal. Edsel didn’t give a crap about “the customer always being right,” and it turned Sam Wo’s into a distinct destination, preserved in a wall of Polaroids. People described Sam Wo’s as an “experience,” but not really one where you felt treated like a royal.

I’ve never been kicked out of a restaurant (although I have been ejected from an art museum), but I bet it’d make for a good story. And I do love stories.



Eater/rapper Action Bronson premieres new show on VICE

6 May

Action Bronson might just be my favorite food-related rapper. Who else could spit “Five stars on the dinner plate/Pardon ’em, see me studded like Cardamom”?. He’s got a new series on VICE called Fuck, That’s Delicious, and it’s kind of like a profile on the rapper’s history. In this 10 minute video, Bronson hits up Roberta’s for some nostalgic pizza (I’m nerding out about this collaboration), goes swan diving, and talks about getting old. I want to see him and Kendrick talk cereal sometime.

How to Prep Lettuce, as told by Jeremiah Tower

30 Apr

Just like with favorite bands, I go through a period where I’m obsessed with learning about chefs’ history, technique, and networks.

I had a huge crush on Alice Waters back in October, when I went and saw her at Book Court in Brooklyn.

She said you can change the world one person at a time.

I went on and read everything I could by and about her, from The Art of Simple Food to the gorgeous photo collection 40 Years of Chez Panisse. In all of that reading, I found out about Jeremiah Tower, who worked as the head chef of Chez Panisse from 1973-1978. He approached cooking with a lavish and surrealistic bent; dishes such as duck stuffed with its own liver or sweetbreads in brioche pastry with Champagne sauce sound sinful. The two eventually split over philosophical reasons, and Chef Tower went on to lead Stars restaurant. I found Tower’s instructions on how to prepare lettuce, and they’re the most caring treatment of lettuces I’ve seen. Might have to print this out and hang it up.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.08.28 PM