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Recipe: “Zapata’s Grove”

11 Jul

 Zapata's Grove

Here is my weekly post for Put A Egg On It. Here, I made a long-sipping cocktail with chipotle and tequila that I smoked(!). There’s a lot of DIY ingredients in this drink, such as a chipotle-honey syrup and a homemade batch of grapefruit bitters. I shot some video of the cocktail mixing and how to use the Polyscience smoking gun, which may be the coolest gadget I’ve used in a while.

Click this link for the recipe:


The Butcher of Branzino

16 Feb

My brother is dangerous with the focus feature. More dangerous than raw fish.

Coming home for February 14th was easier said than done. After mounds of snow blocked my exit from Laguardia and the landing at Charlotte Douglass, a chain of delays and cancellations, and a piece of red foamboard (sorry, did I say foam board? I meant airport pizza), touching down in my hometown was a relief, with a few hours left of my mom’s birthday. John Hughes could have made a movie about it all.

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The worst Thanksgiving dish you ever had

15 Jul

While in California, my roommate bought me a copy of 642 Things to Write About. It’s literally 642 writing prompts, and I’m having a blast going through them. One of the shorter prompts asks to describe “the worst Thanksgiving dish you ever had.” Since it’s food-related, I thought it’d merit a post.


Don’t remember [the worst]. Probably a casserole. Definitely a green bean casserole, one so creamy and confusing that I have chosen to instead sublimate in my traumatic memories than even try to remotely enjoy. The television says that men like eating casseroles when they are depressed. A depressing casserole, particularly a savory one, would cause me to want more casserole, thus beginning a never-ending eternal recurrence of terrible casserole dishes. I eat because I’m unhappy, I’m unhappy because I eat.

Friedrich Nietzsche, a strong believer in eternal recurrence, would have advised me to become stronger through casserole.

Friedrich Nietzsche, a strong believer in eternal recurrence, would have advised me to become stronger through casserole.

What’s your worst Thanksgiving dish?

Ida Frosk, Maker of Artsy Food or Foodie Art

13 Mar
Sourced from

Sourced from

This post is just a quick share, but this might be one of the best justifications for playing with and photographing your food. Meet one Ida Frosk. She holds a desk job by day, but by any other time, she’s creating vegetarian and photogenic plates. Frosk is a citizen journalist with a killer Instagram account, making her a citizen foodie. Though we might complain about Instagramming brunch, the format makes this food look pretty. Very pretty. Follow the link for more images, including some reproductions of Van Gogh.

“What’s A Cellar Door Without Gravy?”

11 Mar

This makes me want to invent a dish and use all of the goofiest short-order slang. Check out an inspired creation after the break.

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Ambitions in Argentina

1 Feb

Scan 11While in Argentina, I kept a daily journal. Most of the time, I recorded day to day conversations or odd things college kids would do (like one guy who popped open a beer can during the first silent moments of a test). I also used this small journal for sketching (scribbling) ideas. The late-running cafés and cafecit0s (espresso at any hour) were great creative boosts (“French food is fabulous and Argentina is awesome”). These journals are fun to look back through for some inspiration for future restaurants (pipe dreams) or quick recipes (pie dreams).

On this page, I found a duck confit recipe (no drawings though), but more interestingly, there’s about a 1001 ideas for sauces on this list, with some I’d love to try for shrimp and grits:

  • sauce aux champignons, apios verdes (a mushroom glaze sauce with green onions), using a demi-glace. This could be a really rich thick brown sauce for the shrimp.
  • dried shitaake mushroom and thyme toppings
  • tige dege na=a Malian peanut sauce. This’d be great for a shrimp sauté with some tomatoes and green onion.

Time to get cooking.

Free Doritos! (Updated Link)

12 Nov

Maybe not entirely free. I’m currently working on a survey for my Communications Research Methods class, and it involved Doritos and media creation.We’re trying to find out what methods of humor play out in video advertising, and what methods are the most effective. Our group thought that Doritos ads in particular were a special bag.

Probably the weirdest bag of Doritos the Web turned up. I’m not sure if this is a picture of side-effects.

In the past, Frito-Lay, which produces Doritos, has a yearly contest for user-created Super Bowl ads. Fans of the orange-dusted snack chip can create their own video ad and upload online, where the internet elves (other Doritos fans) decide on what ads to pick. Doritos has often shown some pretty controversial ads, but the ones in the survey, though mildly offensive, shouldn’t start a media storm. Two of the videos we selected for our survey are user-submitted ads up for consideration.

If you have a chance, I’d love to hear some responses to this survey. All you have to do is follow this link, watch some chip commercials, and answer the surveys. Craving chips isn’t totally included.

While I can’t guarantee free Doritos, hopefully you’ll get some laughs for free out of this.