TBT: Weekend in Carolina

12 Jun

So this isn’t much of a throwback, but here’s a photo recap of my weekend in South Carolina. I headed down south for a very full family itinerary (brother’s high school graduation, Dad’s birthday). It was an awesome weekend of smoking foods, grilling foods, eating foods, Led Zeppelin, long drives, and even a visit to the Thirsty Beaver, Charlotte’s version of a Nashville honky-tonk. These are a few photos taken on iPhone from the 4-day trip.

photo 1

Saw this almost immediately out of the gate at Charlotte Douglas Airport

photo 2

Grilled cantaloupe with fresh mozzarella and parsley

photo 4

Reid’s Fresh Farm Stand, Highway 521

photo 3

Shrimp & grits, cooked with my brother and sister on their last day of school

photo 4

This is Smoke, an outdoor cat my family has unofficially taken in (or out)

photo 2

Rolfe Neigenfind @ The Common Market, Plaza-Midwood

photo 1

Assorted jukebox selections at the Thirsty Beaver, Charlotte’s honky-tonk dive

photo 3

Me and my brother’s tangible excitement before Phillip’s high school graduation


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