Photo Practice: Scattered Spring Salad

28 May

photo 2

After who-knows-how-many snow storms and a run-in with a mouse, I am glad winter is finally over. Spring produce looks like nature’s way of celebrating, with beautiful greens from peas and the mouth-puckering pink of rhubarb stalks. I made this salad using sugar peas, cucumber, yogurt, and almonds.

It’s over a bed of arugula, which may be the one vegetable I’ll gladly eat raw and by the handful. The first time I had fresh arugula was a distinct experience. A friend of mine had a laundry bag full of it and didn’t think he could finish the whole thing. I took that as a challenge and found plenty of ways to try it out, but never got bored with a bite. The leaves are full of peppery punch but have the most delicate texture. Even the stalks are packed with flavor. They tasted like a celebration.

All photos by Tommy Werner


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