René Redzepi shows how to give a speech

30 Apr

Hearing Noma win the San Pellegrino’s Best Restaurant title on Monday wasn’t huge news. The Copenhagen restaurant known for serving live ants, dirt, and whatever sorrelthe culinary team finds outdoors won for the first time in 2010 (6 years after opening) and again in 2012. From the cover of Time to his recent book, Work in Progress, the food world seems saturated with Noma’s executive chef René Redzepi.

And for good reason, too. His restaurant looks like it’s playing host to a food revolution, where suddenly “local” is an extreme (see: #foraging) and casual is perfectly acceptable at the finest restaurant in the world.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.57.55 AMHis acceptance speech at this year’s San Pellegrino ceremony is everything he’s wanted to say since Noma first won. After seeing the emcee rattle through the winners with the emotion of a census taker, Redzepi’s loose and nervy energy is like getting Nordic icewater thrown in your face. His 6-minute speech is all over the place but ultimately a testament to the new way in dining, where there are less linens and expensive wines and where geeks are the cool guys.


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