Nabisco Newbie: Having a Golden Oreo for the First Time

26 Apr

Photo courtesy of Gimme Some Oven

A coworker at my restaurant job had never tried Golden Oreo cookies before. At our age, this is simply unacceptable, so I got her a package. She’s a bookworm with experience at Scholastic and Border’s, so her feedback on the snack cookies is nothing short of literary. Here it is:

“It happened at midnight last Wednesday, suddenly a craving so strong that almost brought me to my knees (well, it would have, if i was standing, but as it was, I was laying in bed) for something sweet. While rummaging through my pantry and fridge I came upon many options, ices, and madeline cookies among them. As on so many other nights they weren’t what my body was calling for. Finally, my eyes landed on a box of Golden Oreos giving to me by my good friend Tommy Werner. I grabbed the box and a cup of water and crept silently back into bed. Normally oreos are way to sweet for me. I constantly find myself gulping water trying to get rid of the dryness left after a bite. Imagine my surprise then, after eating four golden oreos, at my lack of water intake. They were just the right amount of sweetness that I was craving. I won’t tell you how many I allowed myself to indulge in that night (I’m slightly ashamed) but it was a great midnight snack!”


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