Kendrick Lamar On Cereal

7 Mar

Mr. Kendrick Lamar continues to blow minds with this absolutely academic approach to cereal eating. In words fitting for an episode of the scientifically minded Sporkful, Kendrick breaks down his method on the bowl:

  • There are two kinds of cereal: fun and casual. I’d like to add that there’s another category: timewaster.
  • Kendrick marinates the cereal for about a minute, contemplating his favorite cartoons and his rapid takeover of the hip-hop scene.
  • That first crunch is the most important.
  • His ultimate goal is a 60-40 ratio of soggy to crunchy.
  • Everybody grew up on cartoons and cereal, even the tough guys.

Words to live by.

Still waiting to see Snoop Dogg on why Sugar Smacks should keep their name.


One Response to “Kendrick Lamar On Cereal”


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