Photo: “Death of a Gingerbread Man”

25 Dec

The evening started humbly before the “big day.”
Bouchon gingerbread sat nobly in a row
The frosting was full of color, for my sister and brothers
Everything looked like a Hallmark show

When suddenly a swift Christmas thief snuck onto the scene
With a heavy-bottomed pot, he smashed from head to tail
Crumbs of gingerbread flew, Not amendable with glue
All part of the murderous trail

The night was silent during the whole act
No crying or protests, no one heard not a wail
The cookie man was as dead as Jacob Marley
And that’s deader than a doornail


Exhibit A: The crime scene. Many apologies to my brother Phillip, who was really excited about getting a cookie.

251213_1Lesson learned: when checking bags at the airport, be sure to nestle the fragile gingerbread with care.


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