Photo Practice: Caramelized Fennel and Leek Salad with Orange

13 Dec


This is a completely lifted (and phenomenal) recipe from a fennel-themed contest on Food52, but I definitely had fun putting this together, photographing it, and then eating it all. Em-I-Lis pulled together leeks, braised fennel, and coriander oranges in a cold-weather salad that tastes sweet, warm, and like licorice in the slightest. The caramelized bits of cooked coriander in the oranges makes it taste almost like a meat dish. I used white wine to deglaze the saute pan one night; vodka and chicken stock the other night for two very different end results. The photographed version was with white wine (Pinot Grigio) and was sweeter than the dense stock.


One Response to “Photo Practice: Caramelized Fennel and Leek Salad with Orange”


  1. The Butcher of Branzino | - February 16, 2014

    […] ever read, as well as an inspiring read on Italian cooking. The words he uses are salivating, and I had to start messing around with fennel. His first time cooking branzino sounds physically and mentally straining. I love […]

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