Round-Up: 8 Beers for Fall

21 Oct

After a recent expo at 201 Central, a Harris Teeter subsidy (like I said, HT is pretty awesome), this is a tasting round-up for some of the bottles I brought home. Since I’m not a sommelier/beer snob, my tasting notes are a little limited.

Notes follow the break and this Rolling Stones song off of their boozy Exile on Main Street album. The bridge (2:02) has got enough flavor to be on this list.

Ayinger Bräuweise

ayingerbraeuweissePrivatbrauerei Franz Inselkammer KG/Braueri Aying, Aying Germany.

5.1% ABV. This had a very cloudy, pale-golden color. The flavor itself is floral, crisp, and a little bit like a sour pear. I’m not crazy about Weisse beers, but I liked this one better than other Weisse ones I’ve tried in the past, and I’d have this one on a sunny day and a full afternoon ahead of me.

Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale

420Sweetwater Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA

5.4% ABV. There’s a funky and almost rainwatery smell with this one. It’s crisp and lighter-bodied than a lot of pale ales, and a lot less hoppy. Sweetwater’s other pale ales, including the Lowryeder, have got more hop than New Balance sneakers, so this was very pleasant. It’s very straightforward and easy drinking.

Big Boss Harvest Time

764Big Boss Brewing Company, Raleigh, NC

5.5% ABV. In a slew of all the pumpkin-flavored crap out there, I was a little hesitant about trying something putting on harvest airs. Plus, the label is terrifying. This has all of the warm spices (coriander, nutmeg) that are awesome in the fall, but with a subtle taste that’s not found in Coffeemate creamers or Cook Out milkshakes. It’s got a good color, too. If I can find this somewhere closer to me, I’d definitely try this amber-colored beauty again.

Samuel Adams Oktoberfest

Octoberfest-body-e1337977029145-200x200Samuel Adams Brewery, Boston, MA

5.3% ABV. This was a very viscous beer (most of the other ones were very cloudy or dark) with some great flavor. Basically, this is autumn. And perfect. The spices aren’t as forward as in the Harvest Time, and the hops are smooth and mellow, like in the Sweetwater. This has the best of every beer on this list, and isn’t so obscure that it’s impossible to find in the store. Thank you, Sam.

Thomas Creek Orange-Chocolate IPA

8594881365_ba0cfc0c38Thomas Creek Brewery, Greenville, SC

7.5% ABV. This was my favorite of the eight, with a brownish/reddish hue. The hops are the first thing I smelled, along with orange rind (gee, I wonder why). The taste follows the same sense, lots of hops and zesty orange, without the bitterness of the pith. A sip of this IPA is like eating a slice of grapefruit, with the chocolate being a very subtle part of the aftertaste. I’m really keen on bitter IPA’s, so this was all good, but not a beer for a fall game.

Xingu Black Beer

xingu-black-frontXingu Beer, Jacareí, Brazil

4.6% ABV. This is the globalization beer (pronounced “shin-goo”). It’s a German recipe, brewed in Brazil, and with a Chinese name. Even though this “black beer” was the darkest pour, it’s actually the lightest in alcohol content and smoothest in flavor. Just looking at the sample, it looks like a porter, with a ruby hue but very difficult to look through. The body is light like a lager, the flavor is one of the maltiest I tried.

Foothills People’s Porter

1354894042_e42831e73d_mFoothills Brewing, Winston-Salem, NC

6.25% ABV. The Harris Teeter (I swear I’m not doing PR for them) grab-and-go in Charleston has a few brews from Foothills, a brewery based in North Carolina. In college, my roommate and I always picked out some new ones to try, and I thought the People’s Porter was due for a super official review. Somebody described the finish as having a briny, almost green-olive aftertaste, which kind of takes away from an otherwise tasty porter.

New Holland Poet Oatmeal Stout


New Holland Brewing, Holland, MI

5.2% ABV. New Holland also brews the Dragon’s Milk Stout, which might be my all-time favorite beer. It’s bourbon-aged, sweet, silky, and goes great with desserts. This cleverly titled oatmeal stout is less silky and strong-flavored (see: boozy) than the Dragon’s Milk, with some chocolate and coffee flavors. It’s a fine finale and a beer I’d definitely try again.


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