19 Jun

I know writing up this trip is taking almost as long as the trip itself, but a lot happened and is continuing to happen in these post-grad days.

I’ve always loved statistics and superlatives, and I think reflecting on travel wouldn’t be complete without numbers to back it up. It’s a list-o-mania. Here’s my trip-in-a-list:

First song of the trip: “Vacuum Boots”-The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Last song of the trip: “Who Knows What Tomorrow May  Bring”-Traffic

I got all kinds of new music, but my favorite album of the trip: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Mono Remaster)-The Beatles

Favorite restaurant: Rolf & Daughters, Nashville

Favorite bite on the trip: Chicken tortilla soup, Más Tacos, Nashville

Second favorite bite on the trip: Goatsnake Burger, Kuma’s Corner, Chicago

Third favorite bite on the trip (kind of like the Eater Olympics): Blazin’ Chicken Kebab and cajun fry craziness, SP Kebab, Chicago. I have eaten fire, and it is the Number Two combo at SP Kebab.

Surprisingly delicious bite: Yogurt pretzels, Arrows II BP, Lafayette, IN. This warehouse of a “convenience” store also had hunting supplies and boating equipment. Which would be perfect for this particular stretch of flat farmland. The pretzels themselves were gone in no time.

Interesting people: Carol of Carol’s Pub, Chicago. There was also a cartoonist hired to paint caricatures of people until 4 a.m. The staff of the Wiener Circle, Chicago. The Devilish Winks-a sick Chicago band that actually had a clarinet player.

Total distance traveled: 2,015 miles

Most expensive place to get gas: Arrows II BP2, Lafayette, IN @ $3.869/gallon

Cheapest place to get gas: Mike’s Market, Cookeville, TN @ $3.299/gallon


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