The Best In the Mid-West, Lemme Get It Offa My Chest

3 Jun

I just returned from a filling and exhausting drive to mom’s side of the family in Illinois, which turned into a road trip. Since I was itching for a vacation and didn’t want to drive 14 hours in a day, I made a few stops in Cincinnati (I can properly spell that now), Chicago, and Nashville. Call it a youthful road trip if you want, but it just seemed more reasonable to make stops in really cool places. Plus, it meant getting some travel destinations checked off.

I don’t think this all could have come at a better time. In all of the post-college blurs of ceremonies, Old Economy Steve memes, and loan repayments, life’s been a bit confusing, and definitely angsty.

What I thought graduating would be like:

How most of my conversations about post-grad life feel like:

A road trip this big was long overdue. I think it was an amazing vacation, spanning several states, and now, I feel like a real grown-up. A grown-up in need of a trim and shave.

This sign in Cincinnati was my first clue that I was headed back to my roots:

In the South, any mention of snow is considered a "snow emergency."

In the South, any mention of snow is considered a “snow emergency.”

Stay posted for more reports from north of the Mason-Dixon, from somebody who’s spent the majority of his life below it.


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