Midnight Granola

2 Mar


Come mid-terms (or rainy days), and most of  the college kids like me will be in a state of delirium. It’s a punch-drunk, confused, and vacillating feeling between self-assured and sheer depravity. This no doubt comes from sleeplessness and a constant nagging stress in the back of the mind, but some of it may come from diet. The square-meal during that time might be bagged cheese slices, with Diet Coke and canned soup. It might be that box of Goldfish from Costco that’s been sitting around for the entire semester, with the fish getting as stuck in school as we might be.

My favorite snack during exams? Granola. The program above says the simple combination of oats, fruits, and nuts was “popularized by hippies; commercialized by Kellogg’s.” It apparently inspired Grape Nuts cereal (though I can’t say I grateful for that). I make mine late at night, when working in the kitchen takes on a new magic for me. “Midnight granola” is a fantastic study break that fills up the house with smells of maple, toasted nuts, and anticipation (for snacking and for tests). I’ll make at least four batches during finals season, gifting some to friends, putting some on yogurt, or throwing chocolate (or butterscotch) chips into something that at least seemed relatively healthy. It’s open to experimentation and invention, much more than racing through flashcards or bagged cheese. It’s also something we all grew up with, and according to this New York Times piece, it’s something we’re carrying with us into the future of food.

Best hippie food around.


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