Ambitions in Argentina

1 Feb

Scan 11While in Argentina, I kept a daily journal. Most of the time, I recorded day to day conversations or odd things college kids would do (like one guy who popped open a beer can during the first silent moments of a test). I also used this small journal for sketching (scribbling) ideas. The late-running cafés and cafecit0s (espresso at any hour) were great creative boosts (“French food is fabulous and Argentina is awesome”). These journals are fun to look back through for some inspiration for future restaurants (pipe dreams) or quick recipes (pie dreams).

On this page, I found a duck confit recipe (no drawings though), but more interestingly, there’s about a 1001 ideas for sauces on this list, with some I’d love to try for shrimp and grits:

  • sauce aux champignons, apios verdes (a mushroom glaze sauce with green onions), using a demi-glace. This could be a really rich thick brown sauce for the shrimp.
  • dried shitaake mushroom and thyme toppings
  • tige dege na=a Malian peanut sauce. This’d be great for a shrimp sauté with some tomatoes and green onion.

Time to get cooking.


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