30 Jan

This brings two of my favorite things together: veggies and 1960’s pop music. This song was meant for the Beach Boys’ ill-fated SMiLE album, a collection of songs that was their answer to the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album. This song has a special guest on it. In addition to sticking tacks on piano hammers or making sea gull laughing on tape, famous vegan Paul McCartney did all kinds of weird recording tricks; here, he provided the crunching. It’s a pretty sweet metronome.

With New Year’s resolutions wearing thin, I think the song has a mantra is a good bit of encouragement when diet and exercise seem so last year: “I’ll sleep a lot/eat a lot/brush them like crazy. Run a lot/do a lot/never be lazy.” For a guy who’d eat two steaks for dinner then sit in his house’s sandbox, Brian Wilson has some positive advice here. That lyric’s a decent to-do list. Musically, this song is more chopped up than cole slaw. They recorded this in several parts, and using the magic of editing, the song makes a complete whole with very distinct parts. A little like a salad, you could say.

Brian Wilson during the Pet Sounds and Smile s...

40 years after this picture was taken, this look is at every Pitchfork Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never be lazy.


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