The Way to Carlito’s

20 Jan

About a year ago to the day, I was in Argentina, and my friend Danny leaves for the gigantic city on Wednesday. It was an incredible experience that took me from the port of Buenos Aires to the passes of the Andes Mountains; from the humid and sticky rainforests of the northeast to the arid and colored mesas of the northwest. There’s so much geographical diversity, which shows out in the dialects but especially the food. When it comes to determining areas, Argentina isn’t that different from the United States. We divide ourselves on crabcakes or the availability of Cheerwine; they do stews or empanadas differently by region.

Buenos Aires, like any big city, features eclectic cuisine, making it pretty easy to get Peruvian ceviche right down the block from a traditional Argentine parrilla (steak grill). Regardless of the availabilities, it’s comforting having comfort foods from time to time. The cheeseburger takes the proverbial (cheese)cake here. The following come from the personal journal I kept in Latin America. It’s a report on my quest to get a cheeseburger, “the likes of which only Captain Ahab has seen.”

Argentine Burger 3

“Streets seem to start and finish here out of any logic,” and the trip was a failure at first.  I finally found the way to cheeseburger and crepe restaurants Carlito’s in a very swanky place in town, and the cheeseburger was found. In hindsight, I think the cheeseburger drawing is the clearest illustration (ahem) of my Ahab obsession.

Argentina Burger 2

As it turns out, Carlito’s was my first and only cheeseburger in Argentina, “a delicious egg and cheese-covered monster,” and something I don’t think could have been repeated. They put eggs on top of the traditional burger and a thick slab of American cheese. Though Carlito’s tags itself as “El Rey de Panqueques” (The King of Pancakes), the burger was a memorable experience, satisfying the once-every-three-months craving I get. I also suppose Carlito’s claiming to be “The King of Burgers” might be copyright infringement.


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