Picture Recipe: Shrimp Creole

9 Jan

This shrimp creole is my go-to dish that brings together soup and shrimp-two of my favorite things to work with. I took the Lee Brother’s recipe for easy shrimp creole and made some additions that keep it simple. Some of these techniques come in handy for any other soup you might be making. I’ve added a mirepoix (a collection of veggies that you build the whole stew from), a simple roux (a combo of flour and butter that thickens the creole), and some flavor adjustments (this will be less spicy and salty and a little more shrimpy, if that’s a word). Deglaze the pot with a bright tasting white wine and let everything simmer for a good amount of time.

My chicken scratch for shrimp creole

My chicken scratch for shrimp creole


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