The One Where Shrimp’s Stewed, Simmered & Slurped

5 Jan

The holidays are about the quality time with family, whether decorating or arguing about who ate the last See’s Chocolate (it was NOT me). More positively, the family time could have been cooking a meal together. My brother, whose diet consists of strictly Tyson frozen chicken nuggets and the occasional starch, likes cooking with the family. Especially if there’s shrimp involved. He loves the fruit of the sea. Cocktail shrimp, shrimp and grits, shrimp creole-like that part in Forrest Gump, there’s no shrimp he wouldn’t got for. In all of the many ways to cook the crustacean, Bubba never mentioned shrimp saganaki, a Greek style shrimp. Shrimp saganaki is a great appetizer; with some tweaking with the proportions that Bon Appétit gives, it’s a tangy and tomatoey weeknight dinner that doesn’t skimp on the shrimp. My family loves the zing the feta adds, and of course, this fundamentally is a shrimp dinner both Bubba and Bon App approve of.

A block of feta rests in the middle

A block of feta rests in the middle

It works a lot like building a stew: quickly sauté garlic and green scallions. Next goes in tomatoes (about 2 cups for a thicker sauce), reduce, then stock, white wine (I added about a 1/4 cup to deglaze), herbs (2 Tbsps of parsley and dill, pinch of oregano), and ouzo. Another reduction. The shrimp’s got more reductions than long division.

IMG_2979 copy

I had my ouzo at my apartment, so the fam’ made do with pure anise extract (about a teaspoon). Usually this stuff gets put into the Werner’s semi-annual anise cookies and then disappears into an abyss of single-use toppings. It was slated for seafood tonight. My home test went just as anise-ly, so it’s a suitable sub for ouzo. All the same, I’m not in a hurry to try drinking extract as an aperitif anytime soon.

After reducing this down and filling the house with a wonderful Mediterranean scent, add a 4 0z. block of feta (that white brick of cheese) and a pound of shrimp. Let simmer for about five minutes.

I dished shrimp saganaki into bowls and served it with some toasted bread for scooping up the sauce, which could also be a great topping for hefty pasta or even pizza.

Go Greek.


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