It’s Knucklepuck Time!

21 Nov

After attending the grand opening of The Alley (check out my upcoming post at the Local Palate), I realized something. The people of Charleston like to eat. We also like to multi-task while eating, whether it’s watching a movie at Cinebarre, or playing a game. Among “niche” gaming, there’s HoM, a boutique of ping-pong and gourmet burgers. The recently revealed Alley takes Home Team BBQ and adds on bowling. Mom always said “don’t play with your food,” but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Charleston artist Marcus Amaker on a roll for a turkey…days before Thanksgiving.

I had a great time during the Alley’s disco-themed party this past Saturday, with all of the crazy costumes (more plaid pants, mutton chops, and ironic mustaches that you could spin a mirror ball at). Can’t imagine always being in that look, but it was kind of cool for a night.

I’m crossing my fingers for a Big Lebowski evening, but in the meantime, bowling (gutterball much?) will keep me content. While playing around and looking for the “Dude-orino” himself, something felt like it was missing. Something’s missing in the ever-expanding food hub of Charleston.

Now I know what.

What Charleston needs more than anything is an air hockey “rink,” a place where both casual fans and airheads(?) can follow their passion in a natural habitat.

Air “Hockney”

Call it a modern, 20-something version of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, but I’m hooked on the idea of getting a hold of some more active games, especially after trying out some of the other places in town. Plus, air hockey has so many positive consequences. Air hockey can get more aggressive than pool, but unlike ping-pong, you never have to travel between rooms to retrieve a lost puck. It’s not gambling prone, so if you were trying to avoid a crippling addiction, it’d be easy. As far as table-top games go, it might just be my favorite. I’m really curious why it’s not downtown yet. Hockey’s not played in the humid south, but the fan-powered air hockey knows no borders. I might just have to start one myself.

Maybe a portrait of Emilio Estevez from The Mighty Ducks would happen. I’d definitely want corn dogs or popcorn (popcorn dogs?) at a place specializing in air hockey. The “sin bin” would be the name for the DJ booth.

So that’s a little intense, but look how much fun those people are having!

Air hockey in Charleston: why the puck not?


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