Boosting the Bandwagon: Cook Out’s Pumpkin Shake

14 Nov

Pumpkin flavoring has found its way into every possible baked good, hot drink, and even burger. When the leaves come down and layers come on, I love getting pumpkin spice lattes, scones, you name it. Cinnamon’s one of my favorite flavors, so I’m all for it in many forms. There’s some serious cinnamon at play in pumpkin spices. But it’s not all sweet. If you order pumpkin spice flavoring in some cases, you might just regret it.

Chow’s Supertaster believes all pumpkin spice products are a vicious facade, a combination of “pumpkin pie vomit on a Lysol can.”

After trying gas station lattes and sugar-free coffee creamer, the Supertaster concludes most of these pumpkin-posing products are “taking something that’s not the world’s finest whatever you happen to be dealing with and calling pumpkin spice.” How about when the ante’s pretty awesome to begin with?

Cook Out, one of my favorite local late-night fast food joints, just added a new and seasonal flavor to its 30+ menu of flavors from peanut butter-fudge to eggnong. There’s not a single one I didn’t think was spectacular. It’s almost like verisimilitude, or a serious attention to milkshake goodness details. Your milkshake has the texture and “form” of whatever it’s recreating. Their cheesecake flavor is chunky with cheesecake bits, and the strawberry (you guessed it) has real strawberries. Call it crazy, but I’m awfully tempted to pull a Super Size Me and try a new flavor daily. The closest location is 15 minutes away, which makes this fast food…not so convenient. My blood sugar thanks you, long distance.

Their pumpkin pie seasonal flavor takes this trend and carries it to Platonic heights. It’s a pie in a cup. I documented my first tastes of this thick treat. Even though it’s cold outside (and milkshakes should be the last thing you want), these are pretty season-defying, for a seasonal drink.

They’re best after midnight, but I also wouldn’t be opposed to this after the biggest meal of the year.


2 Responses to “Boosting the Bandwagon: Cook Out’s Pumpkin Shake”

  1. lilyclare November 14, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    and thank YOU for the video aid. Amazing.


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    […] are awesome in the fall, but with a subtle taste that’s not found in Coffeemate creamers or Cook Out milkshakes. It’s got a good color, too. If I can find this somewhere closer to me, I’d definitely […]

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