Hot Plates with Hot Wax

7 Nov

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I saw these hot plates on a feature. The blog post talks about the efficiency of old-school hotplates. Keeping the constant temperature on them is impossible, making browning onions or reducing sauces difficult. While that’s interesting, I’m more into the knobs on these. The blog compares them to volume knobs, and I can’t help but compare these to hip-hop turntables.

My last post was about Elvis and peanut butter, and I’m continuing with this train of thought about music. It might not matter how you cook, but I always like having music playing when I do. I had a blast working at Forager’s City Table this past summer in Chelsea, I think one of my favorite elements was music. Unintentionally, it kept a rhythm. When service picked up, I could expect to hear the Ramones; when we were slowing down and cleaning up for the night, there’d be some smooth bossanova jazz easing the staff along. I’m just glad there wasn’t a lot of choppy or discordant music.

For home cooking, it depends on what the menu is. Soul food is best with soul music, which is why I love Mert’s so much and why I like Motown on chicken and waffles night. For a fancy roast or creme bruelee, Oscar Peterson is my go-to.

Music isn’t powering the chemistry behind cooking, but just like having company, it makes food taste so much better.

What’s your soundtrack?


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