Brunching and Brooklyning: Birthdays are the Best

12 Jun

Alliteration is also awesome. Almost always.

It was a glorious birthday, and one that totally trumps last year’s. Granted, I’m in New York City, instead of working as an office assistant this summer, but all the same, I think birthdays seem to be like denim or cheese: they’re actually better as I get older. It’s been a life full of good blessings that I have great family and friends to thank for.

I can’t remember the last time I went out for breakfast on my birthday, but since brunch is a hobby for New Yorkers, I thought it’d be a good way to delve into the new culture here. I got together with some friends at Fatta Cuckoo, a relatively new locale in the Lower East Side. In 2011, Leah Tinari and Marty Kirchoff, a married couple involved in the arts, decided to start up a restaurant on Clinton Street, south of Houston. The Lower East Side is shrinking rapidly due to gentrification, but the “authentic” and quirks find their ways in and out of the nooks south of Houston.

Here’s an idea of what they’re like, particularly at the end. Classic music with a little bit of quirk. It’s something I feed off of, and my review has everything to do with their atmosphere.

The menu isn’t the most conventional brunch spread-it seems like Fatta Cuckoo is built around a menu of comfort food with some fancier ingredients. Even though there’s the classic french toast, there’s also the “Adult Dude Special.” It’s a smoked mozzarella burrata with a tomato sauce, fried egg, and bacon, and it’s their twist on the classic bacon, egg, and cheese combo. I settled on the “Marty” sandwich, named for Marty Kirchoff.

Blanketed underneath a sunny-side up and a slice of cheddar, the Marty is packed with short rib, which I had hoped would be barbecue. It’s the kind of sandwich that seems possible with hands. After yolky fingertips and Hansel & Gretel crumb trails, I went for the fork and knife option. It’s a classic combination that makes leftover beef roast appetizing again.

Cocktails were a little more experimental, with the “Breakfast of Champions” being the kind of drink you’d play word association with. The BO’C shakes rum, chipotle, vanilla, and maple flavors together, making it kind of like a sharp wake-up call with all the tastes of breakfast. I liked it a lot, but thought I’d leave the spice to my entree.

Foreground: Sea Breeze (vodka/oj/cranberry), Background: Breakfast of Champions (rum/chipotle/maple/vanilla)The service was delighted and interested in making an experience, and I am certain to return. On top of the $20 brunch with 3 cocktails and an entree, they also have “Generous Randy Date Night” on Tuesdays, which is a bottle of wine, shared appetizer, choice of entree and dessert for $35 a person. Great deal, great experience. With a trip across the river and view of the east side from another shore, my day was complete.


One Response to “Brunching and Brooklyning: Birthdays are the Best”

  1. Christine June 13, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

    Sounds wonderful and delicious! Glad you had such a wonderful 21st! And you to to order a cocktail!

    Miss you…

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