“I Want the Whole Plate to Be Brown”

28 Aug

Chicken ‘n waffles. A clash of titans.

A pitting pair that makes me think of the following:

Israel and Palestine. Superman and Lex Luthor. Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Should they be getting along? Nature would dictate no, but taste buds seem to defy nature. Though I scratched my scalp when I first heard about the harmonization of the two, I’ve since given it a try. And it seems that there’s no going back.

The first dinner party of the school year revolved around an evening of chicken ‘n waffles. Motown remixes and Curtis Mayfield blared while I heated up peanut oil in a whooping cast-iron skillet. The voices of the Jackson sons crackled along with the crispy pops of frying chicken.

Gutenberg, our waffle press, sent off 8 inch diameter pecan waffles like a newspaper on deadline. Ben, waffler de cuisine, opened the clamp like a car trunk.

Meanwhile, I’m dredging buttermilk-soaked chicken breasts into a famous flour mixture. It’s Memphis fried chicken, Detroit Soul, and Canadian Maple Syrup, all from the whitest guys on George Street. The batter’s clinging and splitting from the frying chicken, making what I call “healthier cuts.” As the cooking went on, the batter got better, or at least more cooperative and crispy.

Syrup is where the most indecision occurs for an already indecisive meal.

“Syrup, on the whole thing?”

It’s really best all over the creation. I know some people have developed a liking for sausage and maple syrup, so it’s of a similar nature. Salty, sweet, it’s kind of a classic combination.

A Tabasco-infused maple syrup would be worth trying in the future. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before Williams & Sonoma scoops up the pair and makes its own version to sell with Cuisinarts.

Henry Clay, famous compromiser, would have been so proud of the union between two equally tan and delicious eats. Anyone else would be proud of the family we have going.

09/25Edit: For a real clash of titans with a triple lindy combination, Twisted Taco in Atlanta offers a taco stuffed with waffle strips, chicken tenders, and a maple syrup cream cheese. From Texas to Mexico to Georgia to Belgium: consider yourself stuffed.


2 Responses to ““I Want the Whole Plate to Be Brown””

  1. Christine September 10, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    I’m sorry, you seemed to have forgotten a really Important chicken n waffles meal you had recently with the coolest people ever in Atlanta. Does the southern twist taco sound familiar to you?? Mmmm… I expect you to amend this situation immediately.

    Also, I love you.

    And now I want chicken n waffles.
    Next time you come visit, we’ll go to Gladys Knight’s Chicken n Waffles, and really do ATL right.


  1. Hot Plates with Hot Wax « Table Scraps - November 7, 2012

    […] food is best with soul music, which is why I love Mert’s so much and why I like Motown on chicken and waffles night. For a fancy roast or creme bruelee, Oscar Peterson is my […]

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