Trending, Trending, 1-2-3

19 Jun

I’ve been checking out this food trends report from Chowhounds, which is sort of like the Facebook of food. Instead of shifting guiltily through photos of friends like a voyeur, CHOW functions on “stalking” every juicy detail about a particular ingredient or a deliciously humorous review (this one being of both Guy Fieri’s barbecue sauce and his personality).

Trifle, courtesy of

I had no idea what a trifle was before flipping through the list. I am a compulsive list maker, to the point that lists need their own lists. From Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time to this one from Chow, they have the ability to put me into a hypnosis. The next thing I know, I’m on this quioxtic quest to check out every pop song on the list, or learn the ins and outs of every lauded place in Charlotte.

So this little list from Chow does sort of the same thing: I’m eager to learn about the buzz around orinigi, and maybe even how to pronounce it.

Is it accurate? We are half way through the year, and some of these have not been the “new cupcake.” Even though I haven’t come across an onslaught of chia fresca, I’ll be looking out, and who knows, maybe it’ll be as trendy as a Gucci bag.


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