There’s an App for That

5 Feb

There’s an app for guitar tuning, global positioning, groundbreaking news ideas, and general climate.

Let’s not even get started about food apps. Urban Spoon is one of the undisputed best and prominent apps for the mobile market, and I think it’s because it does what any application should do: perform one specific task really really efficiently.

Epicurious has an app that you can access recipes and ingredients lists for, essentially meaning you can get to the grocery store with no inspiration and hungry for ideas. We’ve always heard that going to the grocery store hungry was a bad idea, but this is one case where it’s a lot less irrational and more useful. What if they’re out of something? It does take a little away from thinking on your feet like a good home chef, but for how many times I forget two items at the store, something like this would be useful.

Kitchen Calculator PRO eliminates the need to be a mathematician on the dime, too. Say you have a recipe for eight people, but it’s a date night. Regardless of how good it is, you may not want to be eating it for the next two weeks. Kitchen PRO allows you to reduce a recipe without pen, paper, or a calculus degree.

That is, if there’s wi-fi.

There’s all of these apps, but there’s always some hypothetical few that I would gobble up if they existed.

One is an app that you could type your pantry contents into. Say you have a sweet potato, a garlic clove, some vinegar, and thyme sprigs. You could type all of these in, and presto-chango, this app could find something that incorporates several of these ingredients. It’d be very creative and would find a way to get rid of those lingering items.
I always buy fresh thyme, but they give you so much of it. This could be a really cool app for dealing with those leftovers I don’t want to throw away quite yet. I wonder what kind of algorithm you’d need for something like that.

Another thing that’d be cool would be a flavor index. Say you have blueberries, and you want to know a complement that goes along with it. You could type in the ingredient and check out different categories for contrasting flavors, unconventional combinations, and once again, it’d be a great way to figure out how to flush out the leftovers.

What’s your dream app?


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