At the Center of Husk

29 Jan

Here’s a food essay I wrote for the school paper’s news magazine, called G. It’s on a restaurant that opened in November that is colossally concerned with local sourcing.

These are the PDF’s of the scans:

G’s Cover

Part One of the Article

Part Two of the Article

Writing this was probably one of the most fun assignments I’ve ever had. I only wish that the article I did could have gotten every last experience of the place.

Reading that the original cuts of movies are sometimes 5 hours long (just think about how long the uncut Lord of the Rings Series would be) used to daze me. After working on something over and over again that you really care about though, it’s often a sacrifice to get rid of how great Lauren my server was or the tarmac black cup of coffee that Sean drank during his interview. Those little details (I’ve been really fixiated on the little things) give such a full picture to what that place is about: Southern traditions, Southern service, and most importantly, Southern FOOD.


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    […] much taste do we compromise by impatience? Sean Brock told me during the writing of my article about his Charleston restaurant HUSK that we need to chew slower and think about what we’re chewing. He was talking about […]

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