Dairy Democracy

5 Dec

I feel like Willy Wonka at Yogurt Mountain, colloquially known as “Yo-Mo.” They have well over ten flavors that you can mix, match, and even swirl a la soft serve machine of our childhood. For the experimental mad scientist, there’s the option to swirl together pumpkin pie and spiced apple pie while for the traditionalist, they have raspberry and vanilla. With the amount of toppings you can pick from, the classic choices are far from uninspiring.


Yogurt bars have been popping up in Charleston with more regularity than Justin Bieber singles, but I really don’t have a problem with it. Yogurt Mountain, recently opened on Thursday, in December, less than a block away from two other frozen yogurt menageries, doesn’t seem like a smart business move, but it’ll be cool to see how this all works out. Maybe there’ll be mob wars with representatives tossing spoons and nutritional facts at one another.
I’ve always like the options that Cold Stone or Maggie Moo’s have with picking root flavors and adding to it, but at Yo Mo, there’s an additional amount of autonomy in which you measure out precisely what toppings you want and quantity. Not branching too far from the cartel idea, the yogurt’s price is based by the ounce, meaning, yes, you can get that Rice Krispie bar on top but it will be more than dropping a gummy bear here and there.
There’s a lot of creativity and some decadent looking illustrations on the wall. It’d be really awesome if they had a flavor affinity or recipe guide on how to make them. On opening night, I made a spiced apple pie topped with graham crackers, pecans, and a dollop of caramel sauce.

With how popular grassroots movements have come, I like how much control the people have over their fro-yo. The power is in the hands and taste buds of the customer.
Plus, the yogurt is pretty good and good for you.


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