It ought to be called Pink Friday

26 Nov

I wonder what Pepto Bismol sales are like around now. I ought to buy stock in mid-October and wouldn’t need a Christmas bonus.

I had some great food and learned some new items to go onto the To-Cook list, namely, a croissant wrapped brie & jam creation. It was pretty simple and quite awesome, and so I’ll certainly being bringing it around for French night.

Though the food is always great at Thanksgiving, I really like the conversation and little social aspects, whether it’s wine-soaked advice or learning to “turkey tango” with my sister (for the record, the turkey tango is a deceptively simple dance that involves about faces at unannounced times). I don’t see how people can be cynical about the holidays when they’re this interesting and also have unpredictable dance moves.

Often times, family and friend get togethers are about reintroducing and catching-up, but often for me, they’re the first introduction. At many reunions, I’ve had people come up to me who I’ve apparently met before. It’s sort of like the Bourne Identity: “Hi, Tommy, I’m (such and such). I used to hold you as a child, and yes, I am related to you.” I like meeting new people, even if I’ve probably met them before. It can sometimes be as disorienting as the turkey tango.

Anyways, I had some good chats with people I hadn’t met before and am not in fact related to. I got talking about Google Alerts, Linkedin, and other communications dork-out topics with someone that works in advertising. She does a lot of cool work around here, and I think my technological knowledge has improved a lot more than if just played Nintendo Wii. She and I got to talking about the creative industry, Guy Fiego (eh…), and the food review. She raised a really great point: they’re kind of boring. She said that she’s tired of reading food reviews that are just “Wow. I just had a great steak, and here’s what it was like.”

I think that the food review has gotten a little dull. It needs to be more dynamic and get into why the food’s great. I think a review with more action and emphasis on the cooking and prep would be more fun to read. Which is more appetizing-a description of that steak sitting next to potatoes, or the searing and sizzling of it? The process behind the food is what makes it great, and too often are we all getting into the crunch instead of the cook. The chemistry and action of that steak coming together would be more informative and holistic, and we all like holistic food. There are a thousand and one ways to prepare a dinner, there’s only one way to eat it.

It’s sort of like Thomas Aquinas-not getting sacrilegious-but once you understand something, you tend to appreciate and enjoy it more. I like to know the how of something, not just the what. Reading a bad review of a steak makes you not want to go to this particular restaurant-but if you get into what made it bad, the how is it bad, then the restaurant might be encouraged to change its act, and then you know how to not cook a steak.


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