Five Loaves for a Thousand of Us

9 Nov

So, after a long day of running around the city of Charleston and eating granola bars and yogurt, and with a confusing turn of hunger, I managed to find my way to Five Loaves cafe, which I think of as sort of like a superhero.

Usually, when I’m hungry, I go through stages of confusion, complacency, or sometimes chaotic madness. The walk to Five Loaves was in this last category-I yacked away in impersonations or spoke way too loudly, it was like those movie characters who become jovial after being in The Box: finding madness in every bit of marrow life offers. Upon arriving to the restaurant, a darker and intimate place more appropriate for a date, in a group of eight people, the craziness fizzled away as I tried to figure out how they’d get us to fit. Luckily, the servers came to the rescue, and what followed was a great and yummy experience.

The place is a cafe with sandwiches by day and has a secret identity of a entree-based restaurant at night. Among gourmet sandwiches and chicken chili w/ avocado and lime, grilled salmon and pastas join the menu.

I got their gnocchi with goat cheese sauce, golden raisins, and a balsamic reduction sauce-just because I’m kind of tentative about having sandwiches for dinner lately. I’m not quite sure. It was an excellent little dish that a bit of a sweet tang with the raisins and balsamic. Gnocchi has a little more solidity than pasta shells, and is about twelve times more filling.

Granted, it’s not the most appetizing looking thing once I put it in a to-go box, but aesthetics aside, it has a nice smell to it. I wouldn’t wear it as a perfume, but I think it has an odor that is just like the taste.


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