Getting Baked

24 Oct

Meeting Matt Lewis & Renato Poliafito was my celebrity sighting of the year. It’s kind of akin to getting to chat with Hoobastank or Al Gore for some people. I asked about evening out marshmallows, root beer cakes, and where in the United States they’re headed next.They were super easy to talk to and more than willing to offer some advice on my desserts.

I got a book signed and a tasting plate. It had little samples of a grasshopper bar, red velvet whoopie pie, sea salt brownies, and a caramel apple mini cupcake. The grasshopper bar was the best-kind of like a classic Andes mint. The mint wasn’t overpowering and the small three layered triangle had a brownie like base, minty mousee in the middle, and dark chocolate on top. Unlike a lot of chocolate mint themed desserts, there wasn’t a crunch or too much chocolate. The mini cupcake was the size of a quarter and had at least 50% devoted to the frosting that looked solid. I thought it was going to be overtly rich and super thick, but it was almost like a fluff on top. It had the lightness of Cool-whip but a mild flavor dashed with caramel sauce. The cupcake itself took me to the holidays. I thought it was more of a pumpkin or bread I’d have for breakfast during winter months, just a very nutmeg and not crunchy consistency. The sea salt brownie was dense to the point of being like a cheesecake with the salt serving as an aftertaste. I’ve had the red velvet whoopie previously, but I liked this one better. It had frosting that poured out when being cut. A little crushed almond was very pretty. I think espresso powder on red velvet would be good. Some kind of spice for red velvet in general would make my favorite kind of cake really great. If there was an underlying commonality in these, it was that not one of the treats had a crunch. I got them to sign my book and then talked desserts with them. Apparently, they said it’s possible to get tired of sweets. Renato said he no longer sits down in front of a big piece of cake. Matt said he’s done 17 trial runs for a recipe before. I got a lot out of it. Total geek out moment.


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