The Ravenous Raven

23 Oct

It’s my second time at Poe’s Tavern, the only Edgar Allan Poe-themed restaurant in the area.

None of my friends had been there before, and while we were worried about finding a table, we didn’t have to fight anyone to the death with fencing foils or Alexander Hamilton type pistols. The last time I went, it was over Labor Day weekend during the apex of heat and hunger. The atmosphere on a Friday night in October was very energetic, but it was definitely an older and different crowd.

All of my friends there enjoyed the Tell-Tale Heart, a decadent two-meal-in-one onslaught of a cheeseburger with a fried egg and applewood bacon on top. Your heart would certainly be telling you something afterwards, but they nonetheless look delicious. I’d previously shared The Sleeper with my brother, effectively cutting a sandwich in half. This one featured buffalo shrimp and garlic blue cheese sauce on top of a hamburger. On Friday night, I got Edgar’s nachos-a conglomeration of every possible nacho topping on one epic platter. It reminded me of those dares in stories where a contestant has to eat 95 slices of watermelon or Thomas Rockwell’s How to Eat Fried Worms. I’m curious to find out what the deal is with competetive eating. I wonder if anti-acid companies have some kind of dealing going on under the table..Poe's Logo

Edgar’s Nachos were quite tasty. I really liked the sour cream on top-it had some kind of chipotle flavoring, so it was cool yet kind of piquant and spicy. A little bit more would have been good. Edgar’s Drunken Chili, placed on the chips, had some good black beans, but I wouldn’t say it was as epic as the nacho dish itself. Seriously, everyone at the table (there were 6 of us) could have shared it, and Poe himself would be able to have some leftovers. I think it would be a pretty substantial appetizer for an entire table to share.

The place in general seems like everything I like about Edgar Allan Poe. It’s almost like a Hard Rock Cafe devoted to one guy, and I think Poe’s interesting enough that it works. This concept wouldn’t work for Vanilla Ice, or William Shatner for that matter.

Literary themed restaurants is something I really like. One thing cool about the restaurant is that all of the sandwiches are named after Poe’s works: the Annabelle Lee is a crabcake and remoulade burger, while the Amontialldo is a guacaomole and pico de gallo mashup of Tex-Mex.

Moe’s does something pretty similar with its TV references, and I loved that Malaprop’s, a bookstore in Asheville, had specialty espresso drinks named after authors. I got the Walt Whitman while there, which was an iced macademia nut latte.

I feel like Poe would really like it, though I imagine he wasn’t too hot on fish tacos….


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