Idea Potluck

17 Oct

I now realize how loose of a word “dinner party” can be. One thing I really like about them is just how different each one is from the next.
The one I went to yesterday was a rather surreal experience. I met my friend Shateara on the street because she would not tell me to whose house we were heading to. A silver car pulled up and two other people were walking towards it, too.

“Are you heading to Lauren’s?”

“I guess so.”

Introductions based in ambiguity are always a bit confusing for me. Usually, I try to make some kind of pleasantry.

“Hi, I’m Tommy, and apparently you’re kidnapping me and taking me somewhere. I don’t where it is, but I’m glad to be here and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

We drove at least 10 blocks all the way through the slums, took turns here and there and arrived on a long street with a very inconsistent cast of houses. There was a Thunderbird parked in one driveway, and a magical cat guarding another.
We finally pulled up to the right house which had Christmas lights adorning the heavy foliaged yard. It was kind of like an electric Jurassic park.
The hostess wore square spectacles and greeted everyone while her friend Sam quietly stood and politely nodded at guests from the kitchen’s aura. I must say, Lauren was really a pleasure to meet. She had a lot of interesting things to say and made some fascinating dishes for the party goers.

She made baked kale (which reminded me of crispy lettuce); had a tray with a creamy white cheddar-ish cheese as well as honeycomb and blue cheese (which were fantastic when eaten together); guacamole; artichokes (very arduous to eat an unprepared artichoke); figs (my favorite thing there that I finally learned to eat correctly); as well as some donated items from other friends: cake batter cookies; gourmet wraps; black beans and lemon rice; and artichoke pasta salad. Quite an eclectic and interesting spread.

The food and drink was really good, but I always like the conversation and chatter that goes along with it. I think it was a very interesting summit of people in a potluck of food and ideas. It was a dramatic spectrum: from an undecided freshman to a eloquent senior philosophy major.

I think part of the reason why I take so long to eat is because I like talking and asking questions.

After the smorgasbord, we all came out of the scattered pockets of the living room and sat in a circle. We passed around a cast swan that held questions in it, and we took turns answering these different ones.

“Do you think people should wear stilettos all the time?”

“Is impossible to not force your beliefs on someone?”

“What do you want more of in your life?”

Responses could be rapid fire or spurn on long discussions. I had been to one of these before, but I really liked how much it challenges your beliefs. It’s not about putting on a show and trying to be insightful, for me these potlucks are all about thinking about what I think.

The event really reminded me of a militia or how the patriots fought in the Revolution: spring up out of nowhere but really make an impact.


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